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My name is Kelly Walker. I'm a self taught baker.  I decided to open my first bakery 4 years ago. It was thrilling! Trekking  off onto uncharted territory. Living out a dream. Doing what I loved. It was also terrifying, and a huge learning experience. As with any learning experience I made some wrong turns. I came away with a great deal of knowledge and basically acquired a degree in both business and as a pastry chef. I quickly became aware of what I love about baking and what I hate about business. I decided to take a breather.

After closing the bakery I acquired a surplus of cake pans and baking sheets that lived all over my kitchen, in baskets, on top of cupboards, stuffed in drawers and I couldn't seem to part with any of them, not one. As if we were old friends who had been through a great deal of life together. They seemed to stare at me, begging for me to use them once again. After taking off almost two years and still having people ask me daily for cakes i decided to dive back in, but this time putting my happiness and desires first. I had to leave it to love it. 


I want to create a labor of love with Fig & Bloom Cakes. Thats what this whole journey is about isn't it? Learning from the past, being excited about the infinite possibilities of the future, and making sure that every present moment is spent doing something we love. Finding a purpose, sharing our talents and enjoying the ride. I am thrilled to be offering my services again with a new creative direction and purpose more aligned with my true self. At Fig & Bloom Cakes I am able to tell my creative story and I hope to be able to be a part of yours as well.   XO 

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Wedding cakes with ease and elegance is what Fig & Bloom is all about. Whether it's several beautiful cakes collected on a dessert table or a single stunning tiered cake to steal the show, they are all done with a simplistic elegance. Fig & Bloom Wedding Cakes can be anything you want them to be from modern clean lines with minimalist design, to feminine pale pink ruffles, or rustic and undone with drizzle and slightly exposed sides. We can help design the cake of your dreams.  

A bride that chooses fig&bloom cakes is like me, a true romantic, with attention to detail and a laid back vibe. Where vintage denim is as loved as a new pair of Jimmy Choos. She never chooses the path most traveled but tromps off through the untamed fields of wildflowers to create her own.

Wedding season is always busy with brides frantically trying to secure their venues and bargaining for the best DJ in town who will get that perfect mix of oldie classics and gangster rap, but here at Fig & Bloom we don't like to fuss. Its not our style. We keep the process simple by offering an incomparable product in a beautiful package with select choices. It really takes all of the stress out of it. Just like any vendor, we will book up fast for the summer rush of vow exchanges but your heart can be at ease knowing the process is simple and a sure choice at Fig & Bloom Cakes.

If you are interested in Fig & Bloom Wedding Cakes please contact me for available dates and to set up a consultation at:     E -    P - 970.764.8740

Thank you so much for designing, making and delivering the cakes! Absolutely every single person thought the cakes were gorgeous, I even heard a few people say they were the best wedding cakes they had ever seen, not to mention taste! Incredible! My Mother-in Law is still talking about how delicious the gluten free cake was. Again, you knocked it out of the park!
— Ashley Malchow


Special Occasion Cakes


Fig & Bloom Cakes offers cakes for any celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations to just name a few. Special occasion cakes are offered in a variety of sizes, flavors and designs. Whether it's a simple elegant anniversary cake or an elaborate fondant birthday cake Fig & Bloom Cakes can create the perfect cake for your event. Please contact for pricing and flavors!









Please email for all wedding or special occasion cake inquiries!